Only him (CZ)

concept and direction: Jitka Vrbková
music: Jan Kyncl


played by:
story I.
Musician: Jan Kyncl,
Girl on the couch: Martina Trusková

story II.
Man in white: Lukáš Suchánek,
Girls: Iveta Kocifajová, Zuzana Filoušová, Eliška Vrbková,
Hana Bartoňová, Barbora Šotkovská, Monika Pekařová


Premiered 12. 6. 2020, Klub Leitnerova, Brno

Only him!

Short double improvisation, story, and temper. Maybe they’ll meet, maybe not.
Where to look first? What is important?
It’s allowed to express anything. Even what was supposed to be kept a secret forever.
A dance performance about love and its complications, mutual desire, and passing by.

Two settings, two stories.
The First Story:
He and she. Is it even possible to find a means of communication for them to meet?

The Second Story:
They are beautiful, and they want to dance. But how if HE is the only one?

Length appr. 25 minutes.

Divadlo Aldente creates this production with financial support of city district Brno-střed.

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