K. J. Erben // The Golden Spinning Wheel (CZ)

direction: Jitka Vrbková
music: Tatiana Kazanovič Poulíková , Barbora Zuchová, Markéta Břundová
stage design: Zuzana Hejtmánková, Tomáš Madro
costumes: Kateřina Dvořáková, Alice Šindelářová
light design: Tomáš Král, Vendula Kacetlová, Jitka Vrbková
production: Vendula Kacetlová

played by:
King: Martin Kříž
King’s company: Josef Beránek, Martin Polišenský, Václav Šarkózy
Dornička: Zuzana Filoušová
Dornička — nohy: Monika Pekařová
Dornička — ruce: Kristýna Kučerová
Dornička — oči: Barbora Šotkovská
Devil Mother: Filip Teller, Martina Trusková, Eliška Vrbková
Devil Sister: Iveta Kocifajová
Old man — opravář: Jakub Zahálka
Pachole: Hana Bartoňová
Storyteller: David Tchelidze
Musicians: Tatiana Poulíková Kazanovič, Barbora Zuchová, Markéta Břundová
Women: Nikola Havránková, Jitka Vrbková

Premiered 12. 8. 2020, Lechovice

Around the woods, broad acres lie;
A lord comes riding, riding by.
He rides a fiery jet-black steed,
Whose shoes ring merrily indeed,
And all alone he rides. 

Famous ballad of love, betrayal, and justice by Karel Jaromír Erben.

Erben’s lyric poem from beginning to end, no alterations. The rhythm of the verse and the rhythmic contrast between the actors with and without otherness. True love and true emotion of the actors with Down syndrome.

Spectators, together with the characters, journey through the parish of Lechovice. Various stage-images materialize before them: tree avenue with a girl pretty as a picture, old gate with a hag all skin and bone, window with a queen, who is the spitting image of the first one…

  • Site-specific: performed in the exterior of the parish of Lechovice.
    In case of bad weather, we perform in the local church.

“Suddenly a snare drumroll, the torches flared up, recorder together with fiddle and accordion began their night concert. A king with his court flew through a glade and in the dark tree avenue white fairies started dancing. A chorus of spectators with flickering phones in their hands followed them. A herald with a drum is shouting Erben’s poetic words. Bushes shake, their leaves glimmering.

This is beautiful, whispers the muse, the queen of the night Mab.” 

Jaroslav Tuček, DN, 13. 8. 2020

The Golden Spinning Wheel in Lechovice

RENGL, s.r.o is the partner of the event (2020).
The production was created as a project of Theatre Faculty of JAMU and was financially supported by the Éta program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.
Divadlo Aldente is financially supported by statutory city Brno.

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