The Wall
for schools



direction: Jitka Vrbková
script: Jitka Vrbková, Iveta Kocifajová a kol.
music: Jan Kyncl
stage design: Zuzana Hejtmánková, Andrea Mužíková


played by:
Hana Bartoňová, Zuzana Filoušová, Iveta Kocifajová,
Martin Kříž, Monika Pekařová, Martin Polišenský,
Václav Šarközy, Lukáš Suchánek, Barbora Šotkovská,
Martina Trusková, Eliška Vrbková, Jakub Zahálka

Especially suitable for subjects: literature, art education, basics of social sciences / civics
Recommended age: primary and lower-secondary school
Length: 30 minutes workshop + 45 minutes performance
Price: 80 CZK/student

After the creation of man, stories of people who want to get behind the wall begin to unroll.
– Why is there this wall?
is behind it, then?

Genesis in a distinctive interpretation of authors and actors with Down syndrome. Hilarious situations and artistic creations accompanied by life music arise on the principle of associations.

Workshop before the performance


What’s the difference between science and art?

How is art created?

How to evaluate art?


Games, short sketches.

Opportunity to participate in the creation of collective work of art.

Workshop before the performance enables the students to understand the production better.


We never force anyone to do anything.

We always respond to the current needs of the group and adjust the workshop accordingly.

Theatre Aldente creates this production in cooperation with v. a. Úsměvy (Smiles), a group, which helps people with Down syndrome and their families and with financial support of city district Brno-střed.

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