Who am I?
for schools in English

script and direction: Jitka Vrbková
projection and lightdesign: Tomáš Král a Lukáš Bartoň
costumes: Tereza Vojtěšková

played by:
Hana Bartoňová, Václav Dvořák,
Zuzana Filoušová, Iveta Kocifajová, Martin Kříž,
Monika Pekařová, Lukáš Suchánek, Martina Trusková,
Eliška Vrbková, Jitka Vrbková

Especially suitable for subjects: english, basics of social sciences / civics
Recommended age: lower-secondary and secondary school
Length: 75 minutes performance + 30 minutes workshop
Price: 80 CZK/student
Performance is in Czech and simple English, Czech parts are supplemented with English subtitles.

The world has gone mad.
It screams, fears, hurries and swears.
It is incomprehensible — as if it doesn´t speak my language. Wo bist du? Qui es-tu? Kdo jsi?
I do not understand! And the world doesn’t understand me.

A production based on real stories of people with Down syndrome. Who actually does not understand whom and who is the “normal” one? With humour. (Non-serious.)

Workshop after the Performance: People and Disabilities

  • What does it mean to live with a disability?
  • How can we help people with disabilities?
  • Can people with disabilities be better at some activities than us?
  • Can people with disabilities be beneficial for us?
  • Am I prejudiced? How to fight these preconceptions?
  • Games, short sketches, quizzes, writing of anonymous reflections, discussion.
  • At the end of the workshop, students can have an arm-wrestling match with our actors, or have their make-up done by one of our actresses.
  • One of the natural consequences of the workshop is spontaneous discussions between students and actors with disabilities.

We never force anyone to do anything.

We always respond to the current needs of the group and adjust the workshop accordingly.

Your frequently asked questions

Wow pupils react to actors with Down syndrome?

The whole production is based on humour, enabling the students to cope with the actors’ otherness.

Child spectators should know that they will see a performance with actors who look and think differently. Still, it is not necessary to coach the children. They will naturally understand everything during the performance. Some students admit that they were embarrassed at the beginning, but the embarrassment vanished after the first five minutes. 

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