Filip Teller

actor, director, lecturer
"Theatre Aldente is a theatre that does not pretend."

* 1991

Filip was introduced to the professional world of theatre in his childhood by Eva Tálská.

He graduated from Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, where he studied authorial acting, physical theatre and clowning.

He appeared in productions by Theatre Goose on a String, HaDivadlo, Bolek Polívka’s Theatre, Zlín City Theatre, Theatre Tramtarie, or National Theatre Brno. He also worked with the group Služebníci Lorda Alfreda, Theatre Anička a Letadýlko, or Theatre Komediograf. He collaborated with theatre directors Vladimír Morávek, Luboš Balák or Zdeněk Dušek. His authorial debut was the production Inspired by love [Inspirováno láskou]. Among his other authorial projects is stand-up Čecháčci and Čoboláci, which was created in collaboration with Pavol Seriš. Filip performs in monodrama Gypsy Boxer [Cikánský boxer] by German author Rike Reiniger. In 2015, he and his team founded a theatre talk show, Tell or Show, which he hosted for four years. He is currently writing stand-ups and plays; he also works as a hospital clown.

Why is, according to Filip Teller, Aldente a theatre that does not pretend?

“Theatre Aldente is a theatre, that lives its own life and moves forward because of the actors, which should all be jurors during the ceremonies of the Theatre Critics Awards. These actors know the best what it means to act truthfully. And the director of the theatre gives birth not only to ideas, but also children, creating a fruitful constellation of absolute stars without borders, side intentions, and with never-ending abundance of love. It is heaven on earth.”

Participation in productions:
Stand up down (CZ, 2021) – director, lecturer, actor
Zlatý kolovrat / The Golden Spinning Wheel (CZ, 2020) – actor

From older productions of Divadlo Aldente:
Honzík, Klárka a kouzelná skříňka (2012)
Noc ve škole (2011)

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