Project: TA ČR 2019-2021

The artistic research examines the creation of theatre productions
featuring actors with Down syndrome as a useful tool of social inclusion.

Project Outline:

We regularly cultivate the theatrical talent of children and young adults with Down syndrome during our workshops. The training result in productions with professional theatre-makers. During the project, three productions were rehearsed and staged, each of them raising the bar of intentional artistic work: Vladimír Holan // Cathy and Bajaja (2019), Karel Jaromír Erben // The Golden Spinning Wheel (2020), Sofokles / Ferdinand Stiebitz / Jitka Vrbková // Antigone (2021). Research interviews with the spectators are part of the project.

A trained psychologist and a special education teacher will participate in the project as well as the final report. They will describe the impact of the theatre work on the actor and also the mainstream audience. The report shall explain the basis of the artistic research and analyze the work on each of the productions in the context of existing domestic and world experience with this type of theatre. At the same time, we will propose suitable methodological techniques, which could be used predominantly by those working with people with disabilities and who help with their inclusion.

Have a look at the comic strips about our rehearsals that were created as part of the research. You can read the opening strip right away or find the remaining ones here.

Research is conducted at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU in Brno, financially co-supported by the TA ČR (Éta program).

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