Vít Karlas

actor, musician
"Every theatre has its specifics. So does Aldente. "

Jitka Vrbková

founder and artistic director
“To experience this moment with a maximum of concreteness and subjectivity!”

Vendula Kacetlová

producer, dramaturge, technician
"What is important? What is not?"

Tomáš Král

technical director, actor
“Aldente? Specific shaping of theatre production, improv, movement, site-specific”.

Jan Kyncl

musician, actor, lecturer
"With Aldente, I am ready to be surprised."

Filip Teller

actor, director, lecturer
"Theatre Aldente is a theatre that does not pretend."

Iveta Kocifajová

actress, pedagogue
"Theatre Aldente? Here and now, which cannot be predicted."

Václav Dvořák

actor and lecturer
"To work in Aldente is like bringing a gift to someone and realizing that I am the gift’s recipient upon handing it over."

Zuzana Hejtmánková

stage designer
“Space as the mediator of specific acting self-expression.”

Tomáš Madro

stage designer
“Theatre teaches me to better think about communication and helps me with cleansing from the superfluous. I can transgress the line of simplification, which is not allowed in the common practice.”

Iva Potůčková

Graphic designer
"Theatre Aldente is about the experiment and challenging one’s limits, and I’m all about that."
„We are the actors. And actors are normal heroes.”

"Theatre is in and sexy, baby!"

Milan Kosmák

actor and author
"For me, Aldente is a school of proffesional actor’s life."
"Whatever happens I am acting at full blast."
Aldente dává prostor pro zveřejňování vnitřních impulsů. Pak jsem blíž sobě i druhým.
I feel at home in Aldente.
"I am a very astonishing actress."
"When you are an actor, you have to do something not to feel ashamed. You have to play your role."
“Divadlo Aldente is the biggest source of warm hugs in the world.”
"Theater is good and cool. Don’t worry!"
"I love!"
"Aldente is joy and adventure."
"I'm a great actress."
"My heart is beating with love."
"What is Aldente? Theatre, don’t you know the theatre?"
"Aldente is just like my family."

Pavel Čadek

"I was never interested in performing in theatre..."
“For me, Aldente means infinite possibilities and challenging the bounds.”

Ondřej KLíč

actor, musician
"Aldente has a slight crunch, but it has come to the boil."

Jiří Kottas

photographer and supporter
“Theatre is a beautiful world, in which I am grateful to exist.”

Lukáš Rieger

actor, pedagogue

Tereza Vojtěšková

costume designer
“The ability to create with my own hands, tickling feeling of anticipation and most importantly joy.”

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