V. Holan // Cathy and Bajaja
for schools

script and direction: Jitka Vrbková
music: Jan Kyncl, Pavel Čadek
stage design: Zuzana Hejtmánková
costumes: Tereza Vojtěšková


Václav Dvořák, Martin Kříž, Jana Kučerová,
Barbora Remišová, Lukáš Suchánek, Klára Vrbková


Premiered 14.9.2019 Klub Leitnerova

Recommended age: Nursery and primary school
Length: 45 minutes performance + 30 minutes workshop
Price: 80 CZK / child

About love of a daughter, a country, verses.

Production is inspired by poetry collection of Vladimíra Holan: Bajaja, the collection which he wrote for his daughter Cathy, who had Down syndrome. Despite the difficult life situation, Bajaja is full of poetic stories and it is full of hope.

Curious Cathy meets nature, four seasons, poets and especially verses.

  • Significant music and visual components.
  • Combination of the youngest children actors with Down syndrome and adult actors with and without Down syndrome.
  • Production determined to children as well as adults.

Workshop after the performance:

  • What is theatre?
  • Where is a stage and where auditorium?
  • Who is a theatre director, playwright, actor, stage designer, lighting technician or music designer?
Curious Cathy discovers everything!
  • Can you teach Cathy some letters? As a reward, she will teach you a song!
  • What would like to do in the theatre? Be an actor? Or a lighting technician? Or a theatre director? You can try it here!
  • With Cathy, we will learn about the magic of the stage lights.

The production was created as a project of Theatre Faculty of JAMU and was financially supported by the Éta program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.
Vladimír Holan’s work is protected by the copyright law, the author is represented by Aura–Pont, s. r. o., Veslařský ostrov 62, 147 00 Prague 4.

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