The Wall (CZ)

direction: Jitka Vrbková
script: Jitka Vrbková, Iveta Kocifajová a kol.
music: Jan Kyncl
stage design: Zuzana Hejtmánková, Andrea Mužíková

played by:
Hana Bartoňová, Zuzana Filoušová, Iveta Kocifajová,
Martin Kříž, Monika Pekařová, Martin Polišenský, Václav Šarkózy,
Lukáš Suchánek, Barbora Šotkovská, Martina Trusková,
Eliška Vrbková, Jakub Zahálka

Premiered 23. 9. 2018


God created the Earth, air, fire and water. And then he created man. And he started to ask:
– Why?
– Why there are walls on my way and what is behind them?

Hilarious situations and artistic creations accompanied by life music arise on the principle of associations. After the creation of man, stories of people who want to get behind the wall begin to unroll. Why is there this wall? What is behind it, then?

Genesis in a distinctive interpretation of authors and actors with Down syndrome.

“For me, the most interesting part of the whole performance of The Wall by Theatre Aldente was the realization that nothing happening on the stage was prearranged, rehearsed, or scripted. One actress got sucked into her acting so much that she forgot to continue in performing her role as it was rehearsed and was acting purely spontaneously in accord of how she felt in that moment and the rest of the actors had to accept it and incorporate it into the performance.”

From an interview with a viewer Hanka Kyprová, 2020

Theatre Aldente creates this production as a project of Specific Research at DF JAMU, in cooperation with v. a. Úsměvy (Smiles), a group, which helps people with Down syndrome and their families and with financial support of city district Brno-střed.

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