V. Holan // Cathy and Bajaja (CZ)

inspired by poetry collection of Vladimíra Holan: Bajaja

script and direction: Jitka Vrbková
music: Jan Kyncl, Pavel Čadek
stage design: Zuzana Hejtmánková
costumes: Tereza Vojtěšková

played by:
Václav Dvořák, Martin Kříž, Jana Kučerová,
Barbora Remišová, Lukáš Suchánek, Klára Vrbková

Premiered 14.9.2019, Klub Leitnerova

“Well, books they remain.
The good ones destroy all evil.”

About love of a daughter, a country, verses…

Vladimír Holan – a famous Czech author of poetry. But only a few people know that he is an author of (the only one) collection devoted to children. Holan wrote the collection for his daughter Cathy, who had Down syndrome. Despite the difficult life situation, Bajaja is full of poetic stories and it is full of hope. Curious Cathy meets nature, four seasons, poets and especially verses.

A symbolic title of his collection Bajaja metaphorically refers to a character, who had to be silent, similarly like Vladimír Holan himself, who wrote the collection at a time period, when he was forbidden to be published. Otherwise, Holan tended to write complicated meditational and reflexive poetry and the complexity of his poetical language also mirrors in Bajaja.

  • Length of the performance appr. 45 minutes.
  • For both children and adults.
  • It is possible to attend the workshop after the performance – children and adults separately (appr. 20-30 minutes).

Klárka and the stage

Martin and his Magical Medicine

The production was created as a project of Theatre Faculty of JAMU and was financially supported by the Éta program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.
Vladimír Holan’s work is protected by the copyright law, the author is represented by Aura–Pont, s. r. o., Veslařský ostrov 62, 147 00 Prague 4.

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