Circus Pefrecto

Script and direction: Sergej Sanža, Jitka Vrbková
Music: David Smečka
Stage and costume design: Alžběta Hanzlová
Lights and sound: Bob Racek


Played by:
Principal: Sergej Sanža
Rope walker: Zuzana Filoušová
Weightlifter: Antonín Měkota
Magician: Martin Polišenský
Clown: Lukáš Suchánek
Handyman: Václav Šarkozy
Horse’s head: Kateřina Polišenská

First night: 18. 3. 2024, Leitnerova Club

“Ladies and gentlemen!
You will see what you have not seen, and you will hear what you have not heard.
Circus Perfecto is here!”

The hall lights up and the neon glows: CIRCUS PEFRECTO.
What? Pe-f-r-r-ecto? Something’s wrong again!

The aging principal of Circus Perfecto travels with a handful of performers, reminiscing about the glory days of old and dreaming of a bright future. However, the lover of the good old order and perfectionism is confronted with reality: his young artists are unable to, or even reject the principal’s mastery, his perfect precision and his time-honoured craft. In contrast, they place their spontaneity, directness, randomness and lived presence.

Even on the circus curtain stands not Perfecto, but Pefrecto…
Is this an unintentional mistake or a calculated joke? 

The world is running away from the principal – and he is convinced that he is running away to hell. While the young circus performers are looking for love, the principal is looking for one thing: a way to set everyone straight!

The production ponders the question of what “true art” really is: perfect craft or, above all, authenticity? In parallel, the generational divide between the coordinated and hard-working older generation and Generation Z also shines through.
The theme resonates all the more strongly as the contrasts between artists with and without Down syndrome come into play.

The production is language barrier-free, using pantomime and physical theatre.

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