Sophocles // Antigone (CZ)

Sofokles / Ferdinand Stiebitz

script and direction: Jitka Vrbková
music: Jan Kyncl
stage design: Zuzana Hejtmánková, Tomáš Madro
costume designers: Kateřina Dvořáková, Alice Šindelářová

played by:
Antigone: Eliška Vrbková, Iveta Kocifajová, Zuzana Škopová or Šárka Šildová
Creon: Lukáš Suchánek a Lukáš Rieger
Ismene: Hana Bartoňová
Haemon: Martin Kříž
Polynices: Jakub Zahálka
Eteocles: Jan Kyncl
Guard: Tomáš Král

Premiered: 28. 6. 2021, Divadlo BARKA

What’s Better? To Defy the Government or the Gods?

Two brothers die in a battle. King Creon orders to bury one of the brothers with funeral honours but forbids the burial of the other brother. The brothers have two sisters: Ismene decides to submit to the orders, while Antigone defies them. Despite the ban, she buries her brother. Creon sentences her to death. As Antigone walks towards her death, Creon realizes that his orders were against the Gods’ will. Yet, his realization comes too late: Antigone has committed suicide, and with her, other people are destined to die.

Live music, the interplay of lights and shadows, melody of the language. The production combines the classical Greek text with scenes from contemporary society, revealing the topicality of the issue.

The production was created as a project of Theatre Faculty of JAMU and was financially supported by the ÉTA program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

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