Zuzana Hejtmánková

stage designer
“Space as the mediator of specific acting self-expression.”

* 1989

In 2016, she finished her architecture studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), where she studied in the Studio of architect and scenographer Jindřich Smetana. Her interest in visual work with a specific place – site-specific – led her to Theatre Aldente (Romance for Flugelhorn, On Guard by the Cherry Piano).

As the theatre later shifted its focus and started working on actor-specific projects, she began creating the site – space as a tool enabling the mediation of actors’ specific voice. And so, she creates objects in the shape of basic demarcation of space – various visual and physically permeable boundaries, through which the actors pass and can change, move, destroy them… To make the edges of prior understanding of things blunt and show the spectators hidden possibilities (Wall, Cathy and Bajaja). Together with Tomáš Madro, they construct and build the stage themselves. Despite being technically challenging, labour-intensive, and time-consuming, the collective work on the stage presents a substantial experience with physical work on the theatre set.

Besides scenography, Zuzka dedicates her time to architecture, urbanism, spatial planning and, since last year, mostly to her son Jáchym.

Stage design of productions:
Antigona / Antigone (CZ, 2021)
Zlatý kolovrat / The Golden Spinning Wheel (CZ, 2020)
Káťa a Bajaja / Cathy and Bajaja (CZ, 2019)
Zeď / The Wall (CZ, 2018)

From older production of Divadlo Aldente:
Who likes Brno? (2013)
Honzík a Klárka hlídají miminko (2013)
Noc ve škole (2011)
Romance pro křídlovku (2011)
Živý Betlém (2010)
Na hlídce u třešňového piana (2010)  

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